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03rd March, 2014

22 FEBRUARY 2014



Internationally acclaimed projection artist Craig Walsh creates a haunting synergy between the human form, natural environment and the act of viewing. Moving images transform trees lining the Yarra River into sculptural portraits surveying the immediate surroundings. The work aims to challenge traditional expectations of public monuments and the selective history represented in our civic spaces. Cleverly deconstructing its own definition by humanising the monument, there is a temporary fusion of everyday individuals with other living species occupying shared areas. Undermining the permanent historical and public art models so often controlled by subjective motivations, Monuments recognises the infinite contributions influencing our perceptions of place.



03rd March, 2014

LANDSEASKY brings some of the most interesting and challenging video artworks from more than 20 international contemporary artists to 3 countries in a major Australia-Asia tour. The exhibition tours to South Korea, China and Australia across multiple prestigious museums and galleries in 2014, including the Artsonje Center (Seoul) and OCT- Contemporary Art Terminal (Shanghai).

This internationally touring exhibition speaks to the three elements represented by the horizon line. In its simplest form, the horizon can be represented as a single line across a plane or page. In this exhibition, some of the world’s sharpest contemporary artists use the horizon line to explore some of the most fundamental and complex themes in both art and our perception of the world.

Carrying the hallmarks of MAAP’s unique approach to cross-cultural exchange, artists from Australia, Asia and Europe are brought together in a conversation around a shared theme. New artworks created for the exhibition will be in dialogue with some early 1970s video artworks by influential Dutch conceptual artist Jan Dibbets. Dibbets is one of the early pioneers to use the camera as a tool for art-making.

The exhibition will be presented in new configurations in each country of the tour. In its first destination, Seoul, the artworks will be exhibited across six venues – a combination of some of South Korea’s leading art museums and commercial galleries. Audiences will get to explore some of the top cultural destinations of Seoul while taking in the exhibition. Major museum Artsonje Center will form the anchor point of the exhibition with a display of Jan Dibbets’ seminal work. The walk between the six galleries in Seoul provides a spatial pause to consider each individual gallery’s exhibition and simultaneously, the accumulative LANDSEASKY exhibition within the Samcheong-dong district.

Other participating venues as part of the tour include OCT-OCAT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai, Griffith University Art Gallery and MAAP SPACE in Brisbane. The exhibition is partnered with a number of Asian and Australian organisations including the Queensland University of Technology and the QUT Confucius Institute.

Dates & Venues:

Seoul, 21 February – 23 March 2014
Venues: Artsonje Center, Lee Hwaik Gallery, One and J Gallery, Opsis Art, Gallery IHN,  Gallery Skape

Shanghai, 20 April – 29 June 2014
Venue: OCT – OCAT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai

Brisbane , 18 September – 23 November 2014
Venues: MAAP SPACE,  Griffith University Art Gallery

For more information on each artist and artwork included in LANDSEASKY, please click the names below:

Paul Bai (Australia)
Lauren Brincat (Australia)
Jan Dibbets (The Netherlands)
Barbara Campbell (Australia)
Wang Gongxin (China)
Shilpa Gupta (India)
Yeondoo Jung (South Korea)
Derek Kreckler (Australia)
Giovanni Ozzola (Italy)
Joao Vasco Paiva (Portugal/Hong Kong)
Wang Peng (China)
Kimsooja (South Korea)
Craig Walsh (Australia)
Sim Cheol Woong (South Korea)
Heimo Zobernig (Austria)
Yang Zhenzhong (China)
Zhu Jia (China)

Major Sponsors | Australia Council for the Arts | Arts Queensland | Australia- Korea Foundation

Thanks to the Australian Embassy, Seoul and Australian Embassy, Beijing.

FIVE, series of new residencies and community collaborations with DADAA, WA

03rd March, 2014

DADAA has partnered with Rio Tinto to pilot a two-year community arts and cultural development project delivered in five Western Australian communities: Paraburdoo, Derby, Geraldton, Busselton and Esperance. Launched in August 2013, the project uses artistic and cultural approaches to break down stigma around mental health. It also aims to promote prevention of and early intervention in poor mental health for participatants and communities.
Artistic and cultural programs around the state will address social isolation by increasing dialogue around issues relating to mental health. Self-expression and self-advocacy will strengthen identity of both participants and communities. An extensive evaluation will take place in each community. At the end of the pilot, individual community and collective outcomes of the two-year pilot will be shared with the arts and health sectors.
FIVE Busselton took place in October and November 2013. Community artist Nicole Mickle worked with FIFO wives and partners on creating an ephemeral artwork in Ludlow Forest. Craig Walsh, digital artist, gathered a series of individual portraits that resulted in a collective digital work about the experience of living in the community of Busselton. Installation and performance artist Hiromi Tango worked with the broader community to create an installation using old suitcases and exploring the idea of ‘belonging’. An exhibition of works was held at the ArtGeo Gallery from 19 to 28 November 2013.
During 2014, FIVE will complete projects in the four additional communities that are part of the two-year pilot. In FIVE Paraburdoo, well-known community artist Alex Mickle continues to work with mine workers to create a large-scale public sculpture for the town of Paraburdoo. During April, Craig Walsh will film digital portraits that will result in a collective Paraburdoo-specific digital work.
FIVE Geraldton will be a six-week residency from mid-March to late April. Performance and installation artist Hiromi Tango will work with the community through daily workshops held at the ACDC studios to create a large-scale public sculpture. Inititaives for young adults will also take place around a creating digital and other site-specific works. Workshops are open to all and there is no charge to participage.
Artist Trevor Flinn will work on three farms in the Esperance region, as an extension of the Victorian-based TWIG project and in September, FIVE will be in Derby to work with local communities there.
FIVE updates and outcomes are posted to the FIVE website at For more information on FIVE, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Craig Walsh MCA show launches new monograph

03rd March, 2014

Embedded. Embedded is a joint project by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane and now these two institutions have proudly released an accompanying, richly illustrated catalogue, which doubles as a monograph documenting a diverse range of Walsh’s key projects from the last fifteen-or-so years.

The book, which will no doubt cause a timely re-assessment of Walsh’s substantial body of work both here and abroad, features essays by Michael Fitzgerald and by curators Judith Blackall and Robert Leonard, and an interview with the artist by Annemarie Kohn. As the collaborating directors of both MCA Australia and IMA Brisbane suggest in their foreword:

“Australian artist Craig Walsh is known for his site-responsive works in public space, particularly his spectacular video projections onto landscapes and buildings. Walsh began to gain recognition in the 1990s, developing art projects for vacant lots, rock festivals and shop windows. He has now been working in public space for 20 years, enjoying commissions from all over the world. Operating outside galleries, often outside Australia, and recently outside cities, Walsh has not been so visible in the Australian-art context. His work deserves to be better known within the art scene”.

(Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE, Director, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Robert Leonard, Director, Institute of Modern Art)

Available now at the MCA Bookstore and the IMA Bookstore.


03rd March, 2014

Embedded: Craig Walsh
12 September – 24 November 2013

Walsh’s response, titled Embedded: Craig Walsh, is presented in the Level 1 South Galleries. It reflects on
contrasting forms of engagement with the landscape evident through the extreme contrasts on the Burrup
Peninsula and includes the collaboration with the region’s traditional custodians, Elders of Murujuga
Aboriginal Corporation, as well as Murujuga National Park rangers and staff from Rio Tinto.
The installation features moving imagery, photography and industrial containers filled with iron ore.
Craig Walsh explains: ‘I see the Pilbara as a place which uniquely presents a concentration of extremes…
The contrast between the ‘land’ as commodity and ‘Land’ as spiritual and cultural guidance are co-existing
in the installation, and the audience will be physically positioned somewhere between the two’.
In Country (2012) is a multi-screen digital video work. Each screen is synchronised so that one after
the other, the faces of Murujuga Elders emerge from the darkness and speak, describing elements of
the signficance of Murujuga for thousands of generations of original inhabitants. The Elders’ images are
juxtaposed onto the rock formations of Murujuga, literally embedded into the landscape.
Standing stone site (2012) is a wide-screen digital video depicting nature’s shifting light on a significant
sacred site featuring 96 standing stones, the largest concentration of standing stones in one area in
Australia. Co-Curator Judith Blackall comments: ‘The physical profile of the horizon remains fixed and
monumental, unmoved as it has been for thousands of years, while the spectacular transformation of
colour from deep purple to orange red is rendered visible through a technique of high-resolution interval
The MCA Australia and IMA Brisbane are preparing a major new monograph on Craig Walsh’s practice.
Richly illustrated, the publication features essays by Michael Fitzgerald, Robert Leonard, Judith Blackall
and an interview with the artist by Annemarie Kohn.
Embedded: Craig Walsh is organised in partnership with the Institute of Modern Art and co-curated by
Judith Blackall and Robert Leonard (Director of the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane).

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